RafJam Bed & Breakfast | Our Story
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Our Story

A truly family run business

Born and raised in Springdale Cove, Susan inherited her parent’s house and decided to transform this lush, tropical paradise into a magnificent Blue Mountain getaway. This vivacious, real Jamaican lady and her warm, hospitable family, welcome you to make their home your home.
Deep in the valleys of the Blue Mountains, Rafjam Bed and Breakfast offers an authentic, local Jamaican experience like none other. The climate in the mountains drifts from the sun to cloud all day, with scattered rain. Rafjam offers an ideal spot to soak in the soothing Jamaican sun while not getting scorched along the way. You can always jump into one of the many freshwater pools on the property to cool off or climb up to the 15-foot waterfall just five minutes away.
Rafjam’s kitchen serves a variety of succulent Jamaican and international cuisines. Our team includes world-renowned chefs who evoke their Caribbean, North and South American and European palates with their culinary creations. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available. A special request? We will cook according to your taste. Many of the items we serve are grown organically right here in our own backyard or acquired directly from local farmers. A global, eco-friendly gustatory experience in the quiet heart of the Blue Mountains.
Five-star service in a family setting… you will surely be back again!